Rockingham Remembered
Joel's Memories
Church Alone!
  I am sure everyone has heard of the movie Home
Alone!  Well, this is a little different tale of being at.....
Church Alone!
  This is another one of my memories of growing up as a
child in Rockingham and attending the Pee Dee Pentecostal
Holiness Church - and I am sure this is a story you have
not heard before.
  This church had those long, hardwood pews that most
churches had at that time. There were no cushions and no
air conditioners - other than those little handheld fans
that were on the back of the pews. And, of course, no
central heat - just a big stove on the side of the church
that had to be loaded with coal to keep everyone warm.
  My parents had us in church every time the doors were
open - Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, Wednesday
nights, and, if there was a revival that week, we would
attend that every night. But a lot of the time we spent in
church, being young boys with short attention spans, we
would fall asleep on those long, hard pews. In fact, one
night I fell asleep and started walking in my sleep! I was
told I walked down to the front and around the heater
and back to the pew and laid back down.
  One night we attended a Wednesday night service and
mom and dad and all the boys (they thought) loaded up in
the old '51 Chevy to go home. There were four boys in
our family so it would not be too hard to misplace one
every now and then. We got home and started getting out
of the car but noticed someone was missing! Where was
Keith? We were sure he had gotten into the car with the
rest of us but we were wrong. Everyone jumped back into
the car and raced back to the church.
  In those innocent times, the church doors were never
locked, so when we got there, we rushed in through the
dark and turned on the lights. And, there, he was - in
Church Alone! He was asleep on the back pew where
we had left him....and still asleep! If he had awaken
during that time and found noone in church, and pitch
dark! . . . . well, none of us wanted to think about that.
Anyway, he survived this ordeal and from then on, mom
and dad were sure to make a head count everywhere we
So, as the Train of Life keeps
chugging along, another page
written of my Childhood Memories
Rockingham Remembered.