Rockingham Remembered
Ye Olde Scrapbook
1984 - Three Ads That
Featured Local Businesses in
Security Fence & Pool Co
As you can see, I was part of this company at the time. My father started it as
Security Fence Co and when he died, my brother, Randy, took it over and
added the pool business to it. It is still operating today but under the name of
Baileys Pools Plus. (As of 2008, it is now operated under new management
and called Long's Pools)
Discount City
This business was located at Five Points and was started
by Mike McKenzie. Mike is a cousin of mine and the
company is now located out on 74 at the right before you
get to the Pee Dee River bridge.
Discount Drapes & Spreads
Johnsie McKenzie, Mike's mother, ran this business at
Five Points. My mother worked for Johnsie for a while.
Now this building is a religious center.