1972 - Orange Bowl
contributed by Twig Gravely 03-12-06
Rockingham Remembered
Ye Olde Scrapbook
The road you see here  is S. Hancock Street. It comes into Rockingham as Highway No 1 South
and/or Fayetteville Road - from the racetrack area. When it gets in Rockingham it turns into E
Washington St and then makes a left down the hill - where this  photo was taken - and becomes S.
Hancock St. This street  crosses Highway 74 - a busy highway back in the earlier days, before the
bypass was built, because of all the beach traffic in the summers. After it crosses Highway 74, it
goes on out as Highway No 1 South. The restaurant and the station in front of it are gone now. I
believe the buildings across the street are still there but am not sure about Smith Auto Parts.