1967 - Downtown Rockingham Streets
Rockingham Remembered
Ye Olde Scrapbook
Top Photo - looking south from Harrington Square
down South Lee Street.
(That's Woods 5 & 10 on the

Middle Photo - looking west on Washington Street.
(If I'm not mistaken, that's Penegar Motors on the
left and the bus depot was across from there.)

Bottom Photo - looking west from Harrington Square
on Washington Street.
(The building on the corner
with the clock used to be called Farmers Bank. I
remember when I was a child, there was a photo
studio in the bottom and our parents would take us
there for family photos.)

Virtually all these buildings above - with the
exception of the Southern National Bank building on
the corner - no longer exist, as a result of the razing
of the block for Urban Renewal in the early 1970s.