1950s Hamlet City Lake Postcard
"Here's another of the "painted/colored" post cards. This one of Hamlet City
Lake many years back and a current picture taken March 11th or 12th, 2002.
As you're probably aware, they drained and it stayed that way for several
years. Then they filled it up again not too long ago. Believe it or not, I
learned to water ski in that lake around 1958. Jerry (C-Tick) Taylor's Dad let
us use his boat and we, along with Dan Shedd, Perry Covington and a few
others would try to kill ourselves, going round-and-round. After we were
married and my wife, Ursula, had our first son (Charles, in 1960) she
learned to water ski there also. My Uncle, Lynwood Dyson, from
Rockingham and who passed away last year, had a boat and we would ski
behind it on the lake also. Precious memories. "

Paul Ramey