Ye Olde
1948 Fall Festival Parade Rockingham
contributed by Harry West 02-20-07
This is one of the prototype 1948 TUCKER automobiles that was in
the parade, turning south onto Lee Street at the Square.
I assume that this photo below is the RHS marching band, marching
up the hill on Hancock Street. This was before the band could afford
uniforms, except for hats and uniforms for the drum major and
majorettes. A few years later they had full uniforms when they
appeared on the popular TV show STRIKE IT RICH in NYC. The sign
on the roof of the building over the drum major's head reads,
"SMITH'S GARAGE - 1(?) HOUR SERVICE". Across the street
(above the A Model) is the STUDEBAKER dealer's sign and the old
AMOCO station.
Below is the Ellerbe Tobacco Market float turning south on the
Square onto Lee Street; old Farmer's Bank in background.
Below is the west side of Lee Street (looking south) before it was a
parking lot. The bannered building is ROSES 5 & 10 CENT STORE;
the CITY MARKET is just beyond it with the Coca-Cola sign.
Below is the RICHMOND COUNTY COURT HOUSE before the Jail
addition. Some things don't change much.