1934 Walls Garden, Rockingham,  NC
"The card is postmarked May 9, 1934 and the caption on the reverse reads:
"WALLS GARDENS are situated on U.S. Highway No.1, Rockingham, N.C. In these
gardens are growing a Cork Tree 120 years old and a Cedar of Lebanon 160
years old." The card is addressed to Mrs. W. T. Price, 69 Hadwen Rd. Worcester,

The message is:

"Dear Vi. We are having a fine and most interesting trip. Our first stop was
Wilmington (DE), then to Washington, historic places in Virginia. Raleigh,
drove around Duke Univ. this A.M., Pinehurst this P.M., and here. Tomorrow we
go a little way into So. Carolina, & then start back home over a different route.
(signed) Polly". Sounds like a pretty adventurous trip for 1934.

My Father (Paul Ramey, Sr.), Mother (Clelia Ramey) and I lived for a while in the
small building behind the Wall Residence about the time I was in the second
and third grades (1949-1950). Later, my Aunt Doris Dyson Jordan and cousin
Debrah Jordan Polaski, who both still reside in Rockingham, also lived in the
small house for a while. When two of my uncles, Charles and Danny
Dyson were growing up they worked for Mrs. Wall in her flower gardens.
Charles tells me they were paid 10 cents an hour for their labor. Later, when I
was living there, Mrs. Wall paid me 25 cents an hour. I guess you get what you
pay for. The small building was later used as a hair salon and realty
office before it was torn down.

Paul Ramey