1920s Rockingham Graded School
contributed by Harry West 12-11-03
Rockingham Remembered
Ye Olde Scrapbook
This is two photos of the later version of the old
Rockingham Graded School, also used as the grammar
school and high school. These shots was taken after
renovations to the photo you have already that is estimated
to have been taken around 1900.
(Harry is referring to
this link:
1900RhamGradedSchool.)The buildings above
ceased being used as the high school in the early 1920s
with the construction of the present Rockingham High
School building on Wall Street - which is scheduled for
demoliton in the summer of 2004.  It is shot from virtually
the same angle (notice the outside "pump house" at the far
There is one point of discrepancy with the older photo. My
Dad attended elementary school in Rockingham from
approximately 1911 - 1918, and told me that his classes
were on the second floor in a building downtown, next door
to the old Richmond Theatre. It is possible that this was
some sort of "private" classes, but I seriously doubt it.
That would mean that the "Grammar" school was not built
until maybe the late teens or early 1920's. Maybe someone
will have some info on this.
(Updated info on this photo
March 10, 2004 - this school started out originally to be
built as Richmond Academy which might have been the same
as a grammar school or high school. Harry says he
attended the Grammar School from 1945 thru 1952, prior
to LJ Bell Grammar School opening either in 1953 or 1954.
This leads one to believe there was another elementary
school in downtown Rockingham close to the old Richmond
Theatre and the school above was used as a grammar
school and high school over time.)