1912 - J. E. Haywood,
Rockingham Remembered
Ye Olde Scrapbook
One of the oldest businesses in Rockingham (1984) is
J.E. Haywood, Inc. J. E. Haywood began the business
in September, 1912, when he opened a small grocery
store on South Lee Street across from what is now the
R.W. Goodman Company.He soon expanded the business
by adding five-and-ten-cent-store merchandise and by
operating a "pressing club" laundry.
After World War I, Mr. Haywood ceased to operate
the laundry but continued to expand the merchandise
business. He added a complete line of toys including
dolls and Lionel trains and he was the first and only
merchant in Richmond County to sell fireworks. Before
long, he began marketing an item for which he became
well known - Haywood's Peanuts. In the late twenties,
he put his first truck on the road and began the
transition from retail merchant to wholesaler. In
1913, Mr. Haywood moved the location of his business
from South Lee Street to a location on US Highway 1
South. Later, the company moved its operation from
Highway 1 to the Company Warehouse on Haywood