Editor's Note: The following article, on Rockingham in 1891,
originally appeared locally in the Thursday, June 4, 1891 edition
of The Rocket.
The Baltimore Manufacturer's Record, which is reputed to be one of
the most authentic journals of the country, contains the following
notice of Rockingham, in its issue of May 23rd:

"Seventy miles from Charlotte, N.C., in a beautiful stretch of country
is situated the little city of Rockingham, N.C. The location is on the
Carolina Central Railroad, seventy miles east of Charlotte and 116
west of Wilmington, on the banks of Falling and Hitchcock creeks
which furnish ample water power. The soil is suited for cotton and all
agricultural products. Population 2,000. There are five cotton mills in
the vicinity, the oldest of which is the Great Falls, which has a capital
of $200,000 and employs 175 hands; Pee Dee, capital $175,000;
Roberdel, with a capital of $150,000 and 210 hands; Midway, capital
$40,000, hands 33, and South Union which employs 35 hands."

"The town is well built and mostly of brick. The Bank of Pee Dee
has been organized lately with a capital of $35,000."
in 1891
Rockingham Remembered
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